Putting it together

IT Consultancy - Our Philosophy

IT plays a major part of your business success and the success of the majority of businesses, from the one-man home office to global enterprise. Getting the right IT infrastructure and strategy requires expertise, which some organizations may lack, or perhaps many businesses would benefit from an experienced partner working with them - as an extension to their internal team.

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managed services

Managed Services

To maintain your competitive advantage, you need an IT system which delivers high-speed access to data and services at all times. Maintaining such a system can, however, prove to be a burden for many organizations. Problems such as high staff turnover, lack of experience, frequent retraining, cost control and fault-recovery times all plague the organization which struggles to manage its own resources.

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Blanchette I.T. Services really does understand security: our business and your business depend on it - the two are interlocked. It is our reputation for delivering secure systems on which we typically build our current relationships with customers and attain new ones.

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Blanchette I.T. Services delivers scaleable network solutions to ensure that you get the right network for your organization and its operations - and with the flexibility to grow with you as your business expands.

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Website Services

We view web development as an engineering task. The importance of your website as part of your business demands reliable solutions. That's why we perfected a development process that generates consistent results, making project success a matter of fact, not chance. Ask us about our 4BitClouds™ Web Services.

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